Jimmie Allen Gets Good News Regarding 6-Week-Old Daughter's Hospitalization

Jimmie Allen shared some heartbreaking news before Thanksgiving concerning his daughter Zara. Amid his run on Dancing With the Stars, Allen and his wife Alexis revealed that the 6-week-old baby was fighting for its life.

Thankfully some good news came just in time for Thanksgiving. While Zara is still in the hospital under care, she's improving by the hour. "Zara is doing a lot better. She's off oxygen and breathing on her own. Hopefully she stays like this and can go home soon. Thanks for the well wishes, positive energy and prayer," Allen wrote on Twitter.

The good news follows a few harrowing days for the couple, including venting some frustration publicly with the medical staff at the hospital that sent Zara home before returning to a new hospital. "[Our] daughter Zara lost color stopped breathing and is being rushed to another hospital. Thanks to the amazing EMT team that brought back Zara's color she can breath again. Gonna be a rough night," Allen wrote on Twitter.

Alexis Allen echoed these sentiments in greater detail, leaning on her background as a registered nurse to navigate the stress of the night. "Basically if your child isn't blue at the lips they will not have answers for you," she wrote on Instagram. "Not one doctor has taken the time to actually listen and make sure she's really OK --10 min in and outs. What this nurse mama is seeing/hearing is so frightening."

Luckily things changed and the situation has improved and the Allens are very happy to be sharing their thanks to those who made a difference during, "The longest 15 minutes of my life" this week. "My baby was so so tired her muscles had given up on her. I did everything under the sun to keep her awake and thank god it seemed to work. She was soon in the ambulance with oxygen and finally started to regain her color," Allen's wife wrote. "To the 3 EMT's who saved my daughters life. I never got your names but I am so unbelievably thankful for you. To the nurses, respiratory therapist and doctors...thank you for continuing to find answers and providing amazing care to my baby."


Allen just wrapped up his time on Dancing With the Stars shortly before the medical emergency took his attention. The country star finished short on the dancing competition but made it to the later rounds of Week 8.