Garth Brooks and Trish Yearwood's Teams Possibly Exposed to COVID-19

Garth Brooks and Trish Yearwood have announced that members of their teams were possibly exposed to Covid-19. In a new social media post, Brooks shared a joint statement from the pair, which elaborated on why they made the decision. "Out of an abundance of caution, Garth Brooks is moving his and Trisha Yearwood's July 7 Facebook concert to a later date and postponing Inside Studio G for 2 weeks," the statement reads.

The couple then explained the need for postponement, writing, "While Garth and Trisha are fine, the Garth/Trisha camp has possibly been exposed to the Covid-19 virus. To be smart about this, they are all quarantining for 2 weeks and thank everyone for their concern." Brooks first announced the show on July 2, writing in a Instagram post, "It's OFFICIAL #GarthRequestLive2 acoustic show on 7/7!!! But first, THIS is why I love YOU!!! love, g." While a new date for the Facebook concert has not been shared, the "two weeks" timeline would put it happening on or around July 21. While many of the singers' fans are understandably disappointed in the show being postponed, a number have expressed that they understand and are glad the pair are doing their part to keep people close to them safe.

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The coronavirus pandemic has certainly been a challenge on everyone, with Brooks and Yearwood being no exception to the rule. However, back in April, Yearwood spoke to Entertainment Tonight and shared Brooks has been an incredible support to her throughout it, though she joked that he "might need therapy" once it's done."I live with a guy who always sees the bright side so, I think that he might need therapy once we get through this, but he has been a really wonderful source of strength for me," she added.


Brooks later chimed in, taking an opportunity to shower praise on all the front line workers who have been helping to fight the deadly virus. "I think I love the whole upside-down of it all because the celebrities and the idols now are not the singers or the celebrities, the idols are the people that are in the grocery stores that are working and those doctors and nurses that are on the front lines in the hospitals," he said. "Those are the rock stars now. Love them, appreciate them, worship them. They have all of our strength in prayers."