Garth Brooks Announces Upcoming Facebook Live Acoustic Show

Garth Brooks is back with another Facebook Live show, announcing that he will be performing fan-requested songs on the July 7 episode of his Facebook series, Inside Studio G. "How about we just make it intimate?" he told fans during a recent broadcast. "We just make it really just bare bones. Let's get really close. We might try it up at the campfire. We'll see."

Brooks also announced the show on Instagram, writing, "It's OFFICIAL #GarthRequestLive2 acoustic show on 7/7!!! But first, THIS is why I love YOU!!! love, g." Fans can request songs for the country icon to perform by using the hashtag #GarthRequestLive2, and the singer and his team will be looking through the requests to choose a diverse selection of tunes for the upcoming show. No word on whether Brooks' wife, Trisha Yearwood, will join him for the special, but fans can likely bet on it.

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In March, Brooks and Yearwood held an at-home show on Inside Studio G that crashed Facebook when millions of people attempted to view the stream. Soon after, the couple produced a CBS special, Garth & Trisha Live!, which aired on April 1. "We didn't know until later. We were hearing that people were getting pushed off and had to log back on, but we didn't know what was going on in the moment," Yearwood told Entertainment Tonight of the crash, adding that the support "was pretty amazing," to which her husband added, "Yeah, it was pretty cool."

The upcoming show will take place on Tuesday, July 7 on Inside Studio G on Facebook at 7 p.m. ET. Brooks had teased another at-home show during the June 22 episode of Inside Studio G where he told fans to keep their calendars open on July 7. "Let's look and see what karma's saying about seven, seven [July 7]," he said. "Let's make a date! Let's figure out a time to do it, and we'll do it. Let's come together in love. Let's do that."


The 58-year-old previously discussed the importance of love on the June 1 episode of Inside Studio G, sharing a conversation he had with Yearwood, who said she "feels like the whole world's burning." Brooks said that he took his wife outside on their farm in Tennessee and told her, "The world isn't burning. And the reason why the world isn't burning is because there's a lot more people that believe in loving one another than they believe in burning the world." He continued, "So that's why it's like this. Just believe that the person next to you is a good person. We'll get through this. Keep the passion, just not the knee-jerk reaction. Stay steady, stay true. It's the truth is what we're looking for and the truth is where we're going. So we're gonna go fine."