Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's Daughter Maggie Drinks up in New Selfie

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's daughter Maggie took to Instagram to share a new selfie in which she really drinks in the scenery. In the photo, Maggie is seen throwing back a glass of wine while staring into the camera. In the post's caption, Maggie simply placed the moon emoji.

The new image also revealed a new hairstyle for Maggie, showing off some pink color on the underside of her short 'do. Many of Maggie's followers have showered her with compliments in the comments section, with one writing, "The pink AND the bangs ... EXTREMELY ROCK N ROLL." Someone else added, "Beautiful, you look just like your mom. I had to take a double take." One last follower joked, "Pretty pic!!! Our Mags! Our little girl is old enough to drink! Dang, we feel old!"

Maggie is 22 years old, and is McGraw and Hill's middle child. She has an older sister, Gracie, who is 23, and a younger sister, Audrey Caroline, who is 19. Earlier this year, McGraw took to social media to commemorate Maggie's birthday, writing, "So hard to believe that this little thing turns 22 today!" He added, "Life sure goes by fast. Soak it up Maggie May. We love you and are so proud of you."

In August, McGraw sat down with Today's Willie Geist for a virtual interview, and he spoke about what it was like for him and Hill to become empty nesters. "It's tough," he confessed. "You want them to go out and conquer the world and have fun and do all the things that kids do. But you don't want them to leave your protection, and you certainly don't want to feel like they don't need you anymore." Maggie and Gracie are both in college, with Audrey starting this year.


McGraw then went on to share how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted his family. "In these times, it's a little different," he explained. "Not knowing what's going to happen with college with our youngest daughter, for her, it's not been so good. But for us, it's been sort of a blessing because you never see them that much."

He later joked that he's been trying to stay busy with work around the house, which is something very important to Hill. "I have spurts of yard work energy. I did a lot of it growing up, and because I worked, I spent a lot of time working at a plant nursery as a kid," he said, then revealing how it connects to his wife and kids, "The two in California were driving cross country to come home, so Faith wanted me to get the yard looking pretty decent before when the girls rolled up."