Watch Dustin Lynch Facilitate a Sweet Proposal at His Concert

Dustin Lynch played Cupid at a recent concert in Los Angeles, with the country singer helping a local firefighter propose to his girlfriend on stage.

Lynch shared that he met Tony Cresta earlier that night at a meet-and-greet and invited Costa to the stage. He then called up Cresta's girlfriend, Taylor, before turning the microphone over to Cresta. "Tony, I know you have some words to say real quick to these fine people," the singer said.

Getting down on one knee, Cresta asked Taylor, "Will you make me the happiest man in the world and ask, 'What are you doing the rest of your life?'"

Taylor nodded yes before Cresta could even finish speaking, and the two embraced as the audience cheered. Lynch made sure to note whether Taylor said yes, which she enthusiastically did before the singer encouraged Cresta to slip the ring on her finger.

The couple sealed their engagement with a kiss, with the rest of the video revealing that they spent a little more time on stage with Lynch to show off their dance moves and celebrate their happy news.


Lynch later shared a video of the moment on his Facebook page. The singer recently closed out his 2017 Ride or Die Tour and will hit the road again in 2018.

Photo Credit: Debby Wong /