Dierks Bentley Rocks Cast on Stage After Being Injured in Biking Accident

Dierks Bentley headlined a stop on his Burning Man Tour at Lakeview Amphitheater in Syracuse, New York on Sunday night, taking the stage with an unusual accessory.

Bentley sported a cast on his left hand as he played his set, sharing a series of photos from the evening on Instagram in a slideshow.

The snaps saw the star standing on stage in front of a crowd of fans, playing alongside tourmate Jon Pardi, rocking out on the guitar and high-fiving the crowd as he ran through the audience.

"Good times [officialcusa] and [dteenergymusic] Detroit," he shared. "Syracuse tonight [jonpardipics] [tenilletownes] [aydamn] [hotcountryknights] [burningmantour]."

The 43-year-old recently revealed that he broke his hand in a video he recently shared on Instagram that found him playing guitar and singing with his daughter Evie.

The clip sees the father-daughter duo tackle Maren Morris' "My Church" while sitting on a porch with a stunning mountain view in the background as Bentley strums his guitar along just fine despite the cast on his hand.

"Sup y'all, I'm totally fine, broke a few bones but it's just bones, they heal pretty easily," Bentley told fans in the clip. "I can do everything I want to do. I'm actually more than fine and can't wait to get back with y'all."

"I guess there was some concern as to whether I'd be on the road and I can't wait," he continued. "I'm so fired up to get back out there."

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"Broke a few bones in my hand but totally fine," he added in the caption. "Fired up for WI, MI and NY this weekend."

The "Woman, Amen" singer first opened up about his injury in an interview with WMZQ-FM while leaving a Colorado hospital, sharing that he had an accident while mountain biking in the state that led him to injure a bone in the top of his hand.

"I took a wipe and my wrist is a little messed up, but luckily it's my left hand," he revealed. "I drink beer with my right, so I should be good for the rest of the summer."

He added that recovery time is around four weeks, which means he'll be "good to go" when it comes time for his Seven Peaks Music Festival in Buena Vista, Colorado from Aug. 30 — Sept. 1.

Bentley explained that he's not worried about being able to play music, as he can play guitar just fine with the injury, "it's just being able to continue being active."


Photo Credit: Getty / Al Bello