Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell Open up About Becoming Parents: 'We're Just Figuring It Out Together'

Chris Lane and wife Lauren Bushnell welcomed their first child, son Dutton Walker, earlier this [...]

Chris Lane and wife Lauren Bushnell welcomed their first child, son Dutton Walker, earlier this month, and the new parents are quickly settling into life with their baby boy. "We're both so new to this and learning as we go, but we're getting the hang of it!" Bushnell told PEOPLE. "You have to laugh your way through. We're just figuring it out together."

The Bachelor alum was induced two days before her due date, and Lane shared that Dutton's birth "was the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed in my entire life." Watching Lauren be a mom is my favorite thing in the world," he gushed. "She is so good at it, and Dutton is lucky to have her as his mama." As far as life as a dad, the country singer admitted, "I'm not good at any of it yet."

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"A lot of it does come instinctually," Bushnell said. "It's horrible when he cries, but I've been able to stay calmer than I thought. We're trying to figure out, "What does that cry mean? What do you think he needs when he sounds like that?" We're still in that phase of figuring it all out, to be honest. You just start to feel more and more confident in your ability."

The new mom added that during difficult moments, "I feel like you just have to laugh your way through." "The moments of pure exhaustion have been challenging, but Chris is so sweet and helpful," she said. "Especially with me nursing, there's not a lot he can help with, so instead he's been changing diapers, doing laundry - you name it. He's really stepped up and I appreciate it. I'm just really thankful that we have each other because at least there's someone there with me to understand what we're going through together." Lane added, "We make a good team."

The couple, who married in October 2019, is also enjoying getting to see their son's personality present itself. "He's a little bit stubborn and very sweet," Bushnell shared. "Very alert, loves to look around and just wants to take everything in. But he does not like his arms in the swaddle, and he's very adamant about it! If you try to put his arms in the swaddle, he wants them out. He wants the freedom to do whatever he wants with his arms. I'm like, 'Okay, so you definitely know what you like and what you don't!' which is good. We're in the sweet cuddly newborn phase."