Chase Rice Is 'Fired up' Over Forthcoming Album Amid New Single Release (Exclusive)

Country star Chase Rice has a brand new album on the way that he's "fired up" about, and now he's dropped a brand new single called "Key West and Colorado." The new track is a catchy, classic-sounding country tune about love lost that finds Rice reflecting on how sometimes you "gotta get a little lost to get a little found." In an exclusive interview with, Rich offered some insight into the track, which plays as the perfect summer jam.

"We've been promoting it for a little while. I played it acoustically a bunch. It's one of the first songs I've ever had where before it's even out, people know it," Rice quipped. "I played it for some of my buddies yesterday on a golf trip. And [one] was like, 'Oh, this song's sick. How's it doing?' And was I was like, 'Dude, it's not out yet.' He knew it, so he said, 'How do I know this?' So it's just from socials. Man, it's just good and that's not me being cocky. I can look at a lot of my other music and be like, eh, questionable."

For his new album — which "Key West and Colorado" will be a part of — Rice explained that he took time to "look inwardly" while crafting the songs. "I've done that on this record. I've gotten to a place where I've faced a lot of stuff that has been tough in my life — a lot of it's self-inflicted, but I've gone into a lot of that stuff. I've gone into some addiction, some losses, love lost; a lot of my personal life. I think I'm at the place in my life now where I just want people to know who I really am as opposed to who they think I am. I think this record's a good start."

Elaborating on how he reflects back on some of his past music, Rice explained, "I look at Ready Set Roll, all the way to "Gonna Wanna Tonight," to "Eyes On You" even. Even "Drinkin' Beer. Talkin' God. Amen," that was a huge song, but that was all 10 years of me trying to figure out, "What do I do best?" And what I found is what I do best — and it's funny how it happens too, right — how it started in the beginning, which is just me and a guitar, me and an acoustic guitar in its rawest form, and then take it into the studio."

Praising some of the producers he's worked with, Rice continued, "There's a lot of guys that produce while records are being made or while songs are being written. And there's nothing wrong with that. That's what I've done for 10 years with the tracks and all that. But what I've always respected the most was guys like Jay Joyce. Jay is a hell of a producer for a long time in our industry. And he's more of a rock guy, but he is very raw."

He added, "And I found that in Oscar Charles as well, Oscar produced this whole record. And I worked with Jay before this record. It took a lot for both those guys to really dodge, that we're written on acoustic guitar that was as me as it gets because there's nothing else to fake it if that makes sense. And then they bring the songs to life in a very, very awesome raw way."

Fans can check out Rice's newest tune, "Key West and Colorado," at the YouTube clip above. Rice also has a song on the recently released Positive Vibrations album, Country Goes Reggae, which can be streamed here. Stay locked to for more big country music news and exclusives!