Carrie Underwood's Sheer Outfit Draws Ire of Some Fans on Instagram

Carrie Underwood may be something of a fashion icon with her glittering ensembles as she takes the stage and her go-to look of CALIA by Carrie spandex, but her most recent outfit did little to spark envy. The former American Idol winner and country singer found herself facing backlash after she posed in a sheer jumpsuit as she promoted her Reflection: The Las Vegas Residency.

The controversy was sparked on Tuesday as the "Cry Pretty" singer took to Instagram to tease her Las Vegas residency, sharing that there was "1 DAY TO [Reflection]." She added the hashtags "[countdown to Reflection" and "[C U in Vegas]," and while the countdown certainly sparked plenty of excitement among fans, it was the accompanying image that garnered all the attention. Snapped by Jeremy Cowart, the photo showed Underwood rocking out on stage, microphone in hand, amid a blue and purple lit-up backdrop, with Underwood wearing a sequined black jumpsuit that was sheer in places and had a plunging neckline. For some, the revealing outfit seemed far too uncharacteristic for Underwood, and they didn't hesitate to let their opinions be known.

In the comments section, one of Underwood's followers said they were "disappointed with this look," with somebody else encouraging the singer to "pick better clothes! You usually do so great!???" A third person was a little more candid with their remark, writing, "That's a little skimpy attire for a Christian lady." Somebody else said the outfit made them "sad," going on to write, "yes, encouraging this look... make me sad. Yes, Carrie is an entertainer. But she is also a wife, mother and most importantly Christ follower. My heart hurts that this is the attire she wants to represent him with." That same person expressed their hope that Underwood would "choose modesty in the future."

While Underwood did not respond to the backlash, many of her followers were quick to jump to her support, with one person noting that "her entire body is covered, none of that bodysuit is sheer, you can clearly see her high waisted shorts underneath, and that's a very moderate amount of cleavage. This is a VEGAS show... There is nothing hyper sexual about this and even if there was, she's a grown woman." Somebody asked, "Seriously people??? She's an entertainer, it's an outfit, for Vegas! She looks beautiful, it doesn't mean she's abandoned her values." Another person commented that "the fact that she is confident enough to post this and y'all are just trying to bring her down.. she looks AMAZING! Quit shaming her for wearing & posting whatever she wants."


Underwood's her Reflection: The Las Vegas Residency kicked off on Wednesday, Dec. 1 at The Theatre at Resorts World Las Vegas, a 5,000-capacity room. The residency marks Underwood's first-ever residency in the city. The dates of the residency include the initial six dates of Dec. 1, 3, 4, 8 and 10-11, with Underwood later adding shows on March 23, 25, 26 and 30 and April 1-2.