Carrie Underwood's Laundry Life Hack Has Fans Raving Again

Amidst Carrie Underwood's recent home renovation, fans are pointing out another detail of her place that they just can't get over. In the past, fans have noticed a neat laundry hack the "Jesus Take the Wheel" singer takes advantage of. Whenever the layout of her Nashville area home was designed, washer and dryer hookups were placed inside her walk-in closet. That means she and husband Mike Fisher can directly add dirty clothes to the washer as she's changing, and she can take items straight from the dryer to their designated space in the closet.

We've previously covered the fan reaction to this life hack a few times, and it seems the American Idol alum has amazed more fans who missed it previously. As raved about in several news outlets, including Page Six, Fox News, and Life & Style, Underwood show off the hack once again.


I’m sorry, I can’t hear you…my pants are too loud!!! 😂👖

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On TikTok and Instagram, Underwood shared a humorous clip for her followers about an embarrassing clothing item she bought, a pair of plastic-like leggings. As she showcases the awkward noise they make when she walks in them, you can see her laundry setup in her huge closet. There's also an additional hack, as she has a ladder on display in the background to help her reach items on higher shelves.

Fans praised her home layout in the comments. One fan on TikTok wrote, "A washer/dryer in the closet?!? Genius!" A second added, "I love the washer and dryer in the closet. That would have been my plan if I didn't have to move"

An Instagram user wrote, "Cute pants but hold on. Washer/Dryer in your closet?!" A fourth person noted, "but can we just give a moment for the washing machine and dryer IN your closet?! Dream [heart eye emoji]."

Instagram users have watched Underwood's video more than 3.7 million times, and TikTok users have watched Underwood's video more than 2 million times. The view count on YouTube is also at 13,000 as of press time.