Carrie Underwood Channels Major 'Gardening Vibes' With Sunny Weekend Photo

Leave it to country megastar, Carrie Underwood to know how to revel in a weekend! The 35-year-old singer and songwriter had a relaxing Sunday morning in her garden as showcased to her Instagram followers this past weekend. The country star posted a glowing selfie in a wide-brimmed sun hat and a sleeveless t-shirt, writing "gardening vibes" below her own smirking face. Like many gardening enthusiasts, Underwood is clearly making the most of her self-isolation period.

Underwood accentuated her Sunday selfie with a few vegetable emojis — cucumbers, lettuce and onions. Clearly, the singer is not just growing flowers and shrubs at home. She has been making lots of posts about getting outside and staying active throughout the coronavirus pandemic, whenever it is safe. While Underwood has become famous for sharing her workouts with fans, she is now showing how she spends more leisurely time outdoors.

(Photo: Carrie Underwod/Instagram)

To many fans, Underwood is best-known as an American Idol winner and a country music sensation, but recently she has taken on a new role in pop culture as well — health guru. In March, she published her book Find Your Path: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul and Get Strong With the Fit52 Life. Ever since then, she has been sharing a holistic healthy approach with fans online, and the response has been huge.

Underwood's program came just in time with the widespread self-isolation as well. With their social lives cut abruptly short, many of her followers have taken to the program in the last few weeks. As for Underwood herself, she is more dedicated than ever. Her personal trainer, Eve Overland, spoke with Us Weekly this month, saying that Underwood "is dedicated to living as healthy as possible for 52 weeks of the year."

"When she hops on the treadmill or takes a jog outside in the sunshine, it dials in her mind," Overland said, adding that it "gets her pumped up for the day." These days, Underwood does not just reserve her workouts for a specific time either, since she's at home. Overland said she "sneaks in exercises when she can or just as she moves about in her everyday life... Carrie has been known to do walking lunges around the house and jog in place while doing laundry."


Underwood is keeping her fans involved as well through the Fit52 app. She has been sharing in their triumphs and encouraging them on social media, and working out alongside them in exercise challenges on the app. As dedicated as she is, she is focused on positivity, with Overland adding: "My philosophy is: Do what you can when you can, and don't beat yourself up."