Brett Young Explains His Parenting Superpower

Brett Young is about to be a father of two, and in the almost two years since welcoming his first child, daughter Presley, the country star has gotten a handle on one of the most important tools in his parenting arsenal — making sure he helps out his wife, Taylor, as much as he can. "I think what I've realized is the best dad'ing is to be able to identify mom's needs without her having to tell you because they're going to take the brunt of it," Young explained to and other media last month.

"Especially at this age, the baby needs mom all the time," he continued. "And so trying to figure out where you can insert yourself and help without getting to the point where she's like, 'Ah! Help me!' So I think at the beginning, it was taking out the trash or doing the dishes or things that I would normally do, but just making sure they were never... There wasn't ever a dish in the sink, or the trash never got half-full, or things like that."

Presley was born in October 2019, and Young and Taylor announced in January that they are expecting their second child, another baby girl. "Now as Presley's getting older, and we have another one on the way, I think I've been able to watch Taylor be a mom long enough to know what she needs before she needs it," the California native shared, adding that "the skill set that I've kind of honed in on the most in the last year and a half is being able to read Taylor and make sure she has what she needs for me before she has to ask me for it."

With another daughter on the way, Young shared that "the girl dad thing is crazy because I always wanted a boy." "I think all men initially think they just want boys," he mused. "Not to the extent that I was disappointed at all that when we found out it was a girl because it's your child so you're excited."


"I have a half-sister, but growing up in my house, my sister had already moved out so it was like me and my dad, and so that's why I was excited to have a boy, wanted that relationship," the singer explained. "But I can't imagine having a better relationship with my child than I do with my daughter."