Brett Young and Wife Taylor Are 'Totally Ready' to Welcome Baby No. 2

Brett Young and his wife, Taylor, are currently expecting their second child, and they're more [...]

Brett Young and his wife, Taylor, are currently expecting their second child, and they're more than ready to welcome another baby. Speaking to Audacy's Katie & Company, Young opened up about preparing for baby number two, joking that host Katie Neal's query of whether he and Taylor are "ready" to have another baby in the house was a "loaded question."

"We're very excited," he added. "You think that you're more prepared for number two because you've had number one, and that's never the case because they're never anything like the first baby. So we've had so many people tell us that and we're terrified, we're just planning on starting over in terms of how we prepare mentally for it. We're totally excited, we're totally ready, and we're probably not ready at all at the same time."

Before their baby's arrival, Young and Taylor will get some more one-on-one time with their 1-year-old daughter, Presley, who was born in October 2019. "I call the house our island," he said. "We just lived on our island for a year. I'm grateful for it — I would have loved to have been working this last year, but the things that I got to experience that I would have absolutely missed are priceless. It's been an interesting year, but it's been a good year."

The California native shared that "it doesn't seem like" Presley quite knows what's going on, but she's starting to notice her mom's stomach. "[Presley] is really smart for her age, but she's just too young to really understand what that means," Young said. "The cool thing is, is in the last month she's started mimicking the way that Taylor takes care of her and carries her around and gives her kisses and feeds her meals, she's started mimicking that with her little dolls. So it's really cute because she does have an understanding of that side of it, and so we're hoping that that will translate immediately when she meets her sibling."

Young revealed during a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show that he and Taylor are expecting a boy. The "Lady" singer surprised Kelly Clarkson with the reveal, telling her that "we thought it would be a fun way to announce that, do the reveal, right here today with you." Young explained that since Taylor and Presley couldn't be at the show, he "thought it would be fun to at least use a picture." At that point, a photo of Presley in a bathtub full of pink and white balls appeared on screen, and the singer noted, "I don't know if you guys can tell that there aren't any blue balls in the but with Presley." "We got baby girl number two on the way," he said as Clarkson gushed, "That is exciting!" "Yeah, so I need to get boy dogs or something," Young joked.