ACM Awards 2018: Reba Announces Chris Stapleton and Wife Morgane Had Twin Boys

Reba McEntire announced the birth of Chris Stapleton's twins at the Academy of Country Music Awards while accepting his award for Best Album.

McEntire said the babies are boys, but she later added, "I'm kidding."

While Stapleton could not be in attendance of the awards ceremony Sunday night, acknowledge how important the nomination was for him.

"They are all significant and if you get one award for anything it's a treat," Stapleton said. "But any of the awards that awarded the album, the album awards, because I really wanted to make an album that was good. I wanted that to be a thing, again, more than I wanted it to be, 'Well here's the single and eight other songs.' So, the album awards for me were important in that we did our job in a good way, you know. Just I have such an affinity for albums that I don't know if I want those more or if they mean more, but they are all meaningful."

Stapleton earned the most nominations of the evening, including a nomination for Entertainer of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, Single Record of the Year for "Broken Halos" and Song of the Year for "Whiskey and You." His album From a Room: Volume 1 won Album of the Year.

Stapleton and Morgane, who is also a singer-songwriter, celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary in October. They also have two other children.

Stapleton's From A Room: Volume 1 also won the GRAMMY for Best Country Album. He won that same award in 2016 for Traveller.


The singer-songwriter admitted he is not sure of what will come next after releasing two albums in 2017.

"I like the creative process, and I like to do things just because I like to do them," Stapleton said. "I've got a couple of songs in some movies and some different collaborations with some people that are on the horizon. But as far as a project for me, I don't know what that next thing is. It'll probably be a minute, because two records in a year is a lot and sometimes you don't know stuff like that until you do it, like, 'Yeah, I'm gonna put out two records in a year.'"