Brad Paisley Calls Carrie Underwood a 'Menace to Society' in Heartwarming Social Media Post

They have been friends for years, so of course Brad Paisley couldn't let Carrie Underwood's 37th birthday pass by without sharing his own heartfelt message for her. Paisley posted a photo of the two of them, taken while Underwood was driving his truck to go off-roading, as part of Paisley's successful Brad Paisley Thinks He's Special variety show, which originally aired late last year.

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"Happy Birthday to the amazing [Carrie Underwood]. Proud to ride shotgun anytime pal!" Paisley wrote, using the hashtags #youscareme #menacetosociety and #happybirthday.

This isn't the first time in recent days that Paisley has spoken out about Underwood. Shortly after her Find Your Path book was released, he posted a photo of himself reading the health and wellness book, calling it a "masterpiece," before telling Underwood how proud he was of her.

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Paisley and Underwood co-hosted the CMA Awards together for 11 years, before Paisley was replaced for the 2019 ceremony by both Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton, as the show shifted its focus to female artists.

"I wanted that show for women," Underwood told Parade. "This is a time in country music where we are told no constantly, and it's not because there aren't incredible, talented women with amazing songs. I don't know what it is, but I scratch my head on this daily. I got to stand up there with Dolly and Reba and represent women in this genre throughout the decades. I was beyond proud and still emotional about it, and I didn't know where to go from there. It was like, mic drop."

Paisley might not have been included in the 2019 CMA Awards, but there certainly weren't any hard feelings between the two good friends. Paisley praised Underwood for her comedic chops, especially in his Brad Paisley Thinks He's Special TV show.

"I had no idea how that would go on paper," Paisley admitted to Billboard. "I had no clue there was this trailer park, screaming banshee, hillbilly, crazy woman inside. The funniest image to me is the stunt driver on hold on the sidelines, holding a blonde wig, ready to go if she's not comfortable – and boy we didn't need him.


"She was so fired up about doing this, and it was neat to watch her take the reins of something like this and really unleash that personality in a great way," he continued. "We're dear old friends and at this point I would think it's hard to surprise people with what she is capable of. I think we did it on the show."

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