Why Kim Kardashian Is Upset With Kanye West After 'Donda' Event

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian reunited at his Donda listening party event, which took place on [...]

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian reunited at his Donda listening party event, which took place on Thursday. Their reunion certainly got fans talking, as Kardashian took part in the event by donning a wedding dress to recreate the former couple's 2014 nuptials. Even though it appeared as though the former couple was on good terms for their joint appearance, PEOPLE reported that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star "isn't happy" with West over one particular aspect of the listening party.

According to PEOPLE, Kardashian is frustrated with her estranged husband as he did not tell her that Marilyn Manson would be at the listening party. Manson has previously been accused by multiple women of sexual assault and harassment, allegations that he has denied. The musician appeared alongside West on stage but did not perform (PEOPLE reports that his voice is featured on West's Donda album). Manson wasn't the only controversial figure in attendance. DaBaby, who recently came under fire for making homophobic remarks in regards to the LGBTQ community, also appeared with Manson and West on stage.

Kardashian reportedly "missed" both Manson and DaBaby's appearances at the event. A source told PEOPLE, "She was seated inside a suite facing the back of the house on the stage so she would not have been able to see them at all from her vantage point. She wasn't in the loop at all about what was happening at the show. She was only aware of what Kanye had asked her to do, and she was willing to help him." Even though she reportedly missed their appearances, she is said to not be happy that they were a part of the listening party at all.

"Kanye will always be family to Kim. When Kanye is doing well and is happy, it benefits the kids," a separate source said. "Kim is the first one to support his visions. He asked her to be part of the listening event and she said yes without hesitation. She didn't know that Marilyn Manson would be there too." They added, "She understands why there is backlash. Kim is all about positive publicity. She would have never participated if she knew Manson would be there."

PEOPLE also spoke with a third source, who said that Kardashian "wasn't clued in on everything that was going to happen." They explained that many parts of the event took her by "surprise." But, she ultimately decided to go through with her part in order to "fulfill her promise." Still, the source said, "That doesn't mean that she supports Marilyn Mansion or DaBaby and the things they believe." She was reportedly there to support West, as he is the father of her four kids.