Marilyn Manson Faces More Disturbing Sexual Assault and Harassment Allegations

Marilyn Manson is now being sued by his former assistant Ashley Walters for sexual assault, battery and harassment. In court documents obtained by TMZ, Walters alleged that Manson once told her that he "loved when girls looked like they had just been raped" during a video shoot. She also adds that he often made other disturbing comments, like boasting about getting away with rape, telling her he wanted to kill some of the women he was seeing. She claims she was subjected to his numerous fits of drug-induced anger in addition to other abuse allegations.

Walters says the abuse dates back to May 2010, when she first met the artist in person. Upon their first interaction, she claims Manson invited her back to his West Hollywood home, where he made her take off her top and pinned her down to the bed before attempting to kiss her and push her hand down his pants.

Walters goes on to add in the documents that Game of Thrones actress Esme Bianco, another of Manson's accusers, advised her to leave Manson's home when she and Manson split in June 2011. Bianco allegedly believed him to be dangerous toward others. Bianco filed her own lawsuit against Manson for sexual assault in April of this year.

The ex-assistant alleges Manson severed ties with her in October 2011, but their work relationship became shaky months before due to her staying in touch with Bianco. He fired her months earlier after discovering the two women remained close. He eventually rehired her a week later and subjected her to an unfair work environment. Walter shares that he verbally chastised her, forced her to work for 48 hours straight, and stand on a chair for 12 hours to take photos of him. After the final firing, she accuses Manson of continuing to harass her physically and violently.


Manson has been under fire for his alleged sexual misconduct since Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood publicly accused him. His most recent accuser Bianco alleges she was drugged, tortured and sexually assaulted during her time with the 52-year-old.