Watch Nick Jonas' Brutal BMX Bike Crash That Landed Him in the Hospital

Things got a little scary during Wednesday night's NBC special Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers when the trio of siblings got in over their heads trying out a few Olympic sports. Even with Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas under the guidance of world-class Olympic athletes Sydney McLaughlin, Sanya Richards-Ross, Laurie Hernandez and BMX rider Alise Willoughby, Nick Jonas managed to fall two times — ending up hospitalized.

During the youngest Jonas brother's first fall, which came during a hurdles race in track and field, he managed to pop right back up and even finish the race. But during the second, he lost control of the BMX bike he was riding on a dirt track and took out both his brothers, Joe and Kevin. In the slow-motion replay, viewers saw Nick hit his ribs and backside on the track, clearly putting him in a lot of pain. Eventually, he was loaded onto a gurney and into an ambulance. Click here to see footage of the falls from Yahoo! Entertainment.

In the special, he reflected on BMX riding before his first attempt at training on the track. "When you think about BMX, you think riding a bike. Most of us can ride bikes, but this is a different level," Nick said. His brothers concurred: Joe said he was terrified, while Kevin called the sport "no joke."

Nick started warming up to the sport and said he was feeling "really good on the bike" after first feeling intimidated. "At this moment in time, I am feeling pretty good." But after the front wheel of his bike slid following the first turn of the race, Nick landed hard on his side, causing both Joe and Kevin to tip over in an attempt to keep from landing on top of him.

Nick remained seated on his knees for a few seconds before standing up. "I f—ed up my back," he told his brothers, who advised him not to walk as medics made their way over to the scene. "I think my rib is f—ed up too," he added. He winced as EMTs strapped him to the gurney and hoisted him into the ambulance.

"I always give 110%, and sometimes that gets you the gold," Jonas said in a makeshift press conference for the show. "In this case, it got me a fractured rib, bruised tailbone, and a hospital dinner. But I'm recovering. Thanks for asking, next question."

Fans learned of the scary incident back in May, when The Voice coach revealed that he suffered a cracked rib. When the brothers appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Nick explained that he trusted Kevin to inform his wife, Priyanka Chopra, of what was going on. "It was a test of a lot of things. Trust, I think, is the biggest thing," Nick explained. "Basically I was there and the medics were attending to me. I was about to put on the gurney to get in the ambulance. Obviously, I had to call Priyanka, my wife, to say, 'This has happened,' but I wasn't really in a spot where I could talk to her because they were doing all the things they were doing. So it was a choice between Joe and Kevin."


Kevin said it was "kind of telling" that his little brother chose him, but explained he thought it was because he was "really calm and collected," being a father to daughters Alena, 7, and Valentina, 4, with his wife, Danielle, and seeing children fall "all the time." Nick quipped, "I love how he's equated my rib breaking and the whole thing to kids falling."