Vanessa Hudgens Poses in Latex Catwoman Suit to Ring in October

Vanessa Hudgens isn't waiting to celebrate Halloween! The High School Musical alum paid tribute to Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman in a saucy new photoshoot with friend GG Magree. Clad in matching black latex catsuits and masks, complete with cat ears, the two looked like they were straight off the set of the 1992 film Batman Returns as Hudgens wielded a whip over her head.

"Happy October 1st my ghoulish friends," she captioned the pictures, adding an array of spooky emojis and the hashtag "V Halloweeny." The actress' Catwoman was so convincing her followers were calling for her to play the Batman character herself. One person tagged DC Universe in the comment, "You should get Vanessa for a cat women movie," while another suggested she should have been cast in the upcoming The Batman film starring Robert Pattinson. "I wish that you should appear on ‘The Batman’ of [sic] Robert Pattinson," they commented.

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Hudgens has transformed from a Disney Channel teen star into a more mature actress, showing her range in everything from Spring Breakers to The Princess Switch. "If you’re putting yourself out there, you will be subject to criticism. That’s just how it is," she told Cosmopolitan in January of evolving past her younger days. "You have to deal with it the best that you can in a way that is healthy for you."

"Looking back, it feels like another lifetime," she continued of her days as a teen icon. "I mean, I’m tired for sure. I take good care of myself. I know the things that matter the most – I do love my job, but my job isn’t everything. My family is – my partner and my friends are the things that keep me grounded."

Now, at 31, she has a whole other set of obstacles to tackle. "I definitely feel more anxiety now than I ever have in my entire life. You become an adult and s— gets real," she admitted. "I have two mortgages and I’m spending way more money than I would like to spend – I think all of that bulls— really takes a toll on your wellbeing. Paying your taxes – all of this adult s— that you don’t have to deal with when you’re a kid, you can live young and free, then it all kind of... goes away."