'The View' Fans Worried About Barbara Walters After Jenny McCarthy's Health Update

Jenny McCarthy shared an update on Barbara Walters' health recently, which didn't paint the most positive picture of the former 20/20 host's well-being. In response to her comments, fans have flocked to social media to share their concerns about the legendary journalist.

Prior to the Super Bowl, McCarthy said on her eponymous SiriusXM radio show that she received an update from fellow, former View co-host, Sherri Shepherd, about Walters' health.

"I heard that she's in a place of not doing great, and I just talked to Sherri Shepherd about it and we're sending some cards over to her," McCarthy said, stressing that she was optimistic about Walters' health journey. "That woman is a juggernaut that'll just keep going no matter what."

McCarthy continued to compliment Walters on the program, even saying that the "best" part of her time on The View was learning from the famed journalist. "Being able to be there for her last year. I really soaked in as much as I could of her, like, skill set, tools, tips. I listened, took notes. So that was the best," McCarthy noted.

Following McCarthy's statements, many have taken to social media, including PopCulture.com's Facebook page to not only share their worries over Walters, but to send over their love and support, as well.

"Prayers with you Barbara you are one of a kind.." one fan wrote.

"Barbara Walters is my inspiration she needs to fight and get better. It's because of her my career path began," this fan commented, noting just how much they were inspired by Walters.

"Sorry to hear that prayers for her what a great lady," yet another fan commented on Facebook.

"She's such a great person.... wishing her well... many blessings," another Facebook user commented, including some red heart emojis for good measure.

McCarthy isn't the only member of The View family who has spoken out on rumors about Walters' health. In October 2019, Rosie O'Donnell spoke to Us Weekly where the 90-year-old's retreat from the public eye.

"I don't think she's up to speaking to people now," O'Donnell said at the time. "I think she's a wonderful woman, and it's hard to age in America, never mind if you're internationally famous."


However, Us Weekly reported that not only is Walters doing fine, but that she's also met with friends recently.

"I see her every two to three weeks and she's doing just fine," her rep told Us Weekly. "[On Thursday] we had a lovely afternoon and talked about the Oscar-nominated films and the performances. She will be watching Sunday night!"