'Sons of Anarchy' Star Ron Perlman Calls out Donald Trump for Seemingly Signing Blank Pieces of Paper While Working

Ron Pearlman isn't one to mince words on Twitter. The Sons of Anarchy star tells it like it is and [...]

Ron Pearlman isn't one to mince words on Twitter. The Sons of Anarchy star tells it like it is and typically finds himself very involved with the political landscape. His latest post follows just that as he directed a shot at President Donald Trump over a viral photo showing him signing what appeared to be a blank piece of paper.

The actor shared a zoomed-in photo of Trump's hand putting pen to a blank piece of paper. "White the fake president signs blank pieces of paper, the suckers and losers of our military and intelligence agencies are keeping you safe," he began his tweet. "In this time of choosing, remember who the Real Americans are." This comes two days after Perlman tweeted his "thoughts and prayers" to Trump after he revealed he and First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive for COVID-19.

Since the debate, Perlman has been very vocal on his page tweeting out his thoughts on the president. One of his posts noted the reported $750 in taxes Trump paid. "Scumbags like Trump pay $750 in federal taxes while suckers and losers like you and me pick up the full freight for our soldiers, our schools, our roads and our way of life. Whudda f— punk."

None of this new for Perlman or his Twitter. Back in July, he called out Trump after his statement that the coronavirus was a hoax. "Trump calls the coronavirus a hoax, cases and deaths triple," he began. "Trump sends his stormtroopers into Portland, the protest triples. Just a matter of time until Biden's lead in the polls will triple." This came after Perlman had previously tweeted his support for protesters in the city and urged everyone to stay safe amid the commotion.

As for Trump, he remains at Walter Reed medical center following his positive test. A news conference on Sunday suggested that he could be on his way out of the facility as early as Monday despite experience two instances in which "transient drops in his oxygen saturation" occurred. Due to this, the president was placed on dexamethasone. In the wake of Trump's diagnosis, the White House has been reeling with positive cases coming in, including former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who also helped to prep Trump ahead of his debate against Biden earlier in the week.