Sharon Stone Is Ageless in Sunny, Bright Yellow Bikini

Sharon Stone is celebrating summer in a bright yellow bikini, and people can't get enough of her [...]

Sharon Stone is celebrating summer in a bright yellow bikini, and people can't get enough of her timeless beauty! The actress, 63, set Instagram on fire Sunday, posing for a glamour shot in a brightly colored swimsuit without a stitch of makeup on her face as her dog looked on in the background. "Happy Summer," she wrote simply in the caption.

No further explanation was needed for Stone's photo, which was inundated with comments from stars like Leslie Jordan, Jamie Lee Curtis, Vera Wang and Rose McGowan. Jordan wrote, "Even the dog knows you got IT!" while Curtis chimed in, "OK.... JUST.... [WOW]," with a sun emoji and Wang simply shared clapping emojis. "You deserve all the Oscars that ever existed!" McGowan added.

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Stone has been one of Hollywood's hottest actresses in films like Basic Instinct and Casino but told Town & Country in a September 2020 profile she never considered herself "sexy" in the way her public persona has been. "People, I guess, really needed a sex symbol," she said of her appeal. "I mean, I never thought I was that sexy." Exploring her "dark side" in Basic Instinct was maybe what people thought was so alluring, she hypothesized, but the moniker of a sex symbol stuck with her in ways that weren't necessarily helpful for her career.

"It's difficult because everybody expects you to be that all the time," she said, calling her reputation for sexuality as an actress "very hard to shake." Stone added, throwing up her hands, "People still want to see my boobs. I'm 62! It's like, 'Really? Grow up!' But also, here's some boobs!'"

Aging in Hollywood is another challenge, especially for a sex symbol. "You don't really get work between 40 and 60. It doesn't matter if you're at the height of your career, whether you just made Casino. That's it: no work," she said with a shrug. Even with that stigma working against her, Stone emerged on the other side of 60 with success, starring in Ryan Murphy's Ratched.

"I think you have to choose how you want to age. People look at me as a certain thing, and it gets in the way of them casting me as things I could play," she said. "But I'm sure that I have my own destiny, and I'm now trying to meet it with as much integrity as I can, and be as open to growth as I can be."