Salma Hayek's Classic Rom-Com With 'Friends' Star Coming to Netflix

Fools Rush In starring Salma Hayek's and Friends star, Matthew Perry, is coming to Netflix this summer. The 1997 film will be available to viewers on the popular streaming platform on June 1, 2021. The romantic comedy tells the story of Alex (Perry) and Isabel (Hayek) and their journey to marriage after Isabel becomes pregnant following a one night stand.

As each month passes, several fan-favorite movies and shows have come and gone from Netflix, giving their customers something to look forward to every 30 days. Fools Rush In isn't the only film coming to the platform next month, an acclaimed horror movie is also dropping next month and you probably haven't seen it. In June 1, subscribers will be able to stream The Wind, which is a 2018 horror film set in the old West. The movie follows two young couples who moved to an unpopulated area of New Mexico, but not long after, incredibly strange things start to happen, naturally causing tension between the four friends who live in the lonely Western field.

The horror film stars Caitlin Gerard and Ashley Zukerman as Elizabeth and Isaac Macklin; and Julia Goldani Telles and Dylan McTee as Emma and Gideon Harper. Additionally, Martin Patterson and Miles Anderson star, with Anderson playing The Reverend, a character who may or may not also add to the supernatural threat seemingly posed. The Wind was directed by Emma Tammi, from a script by Teresa Sutherland, and held its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2018. It's found much acclaim by critics.

A number of other entertainment options have rolled out as well. Netflix created the platform for newer streaming services out there including HBO Max, Disney+ and Paramount+. While Netflix has slowly increased it's price over the years, it's also created new options for their subscribers, including the basic plan ($8.99 per month), the standard plan ($13.99 per month), and the premium plan ($17.99 per month). The streamer also recently debuted a "Netflix Free Section" allowing non-subscribers to watch a selection of the streamer's most beloved originals at no cost.


One of the most controversial moves Netflix made was getting rid of the beloved sitcom Friends. For years, fans of the series were able to watch the show, however, the platform recently got rid of it and made room for other show and movies, with the show now airing on HBO Max. Fans are thrilled about the reunion that will be airing on the new streaming platform as well.