Rapper Scarface Reveals Concerning Health Update Amid Coronavirus Recovery

Two months after being diagnosed with COVID-19, rapper Scarface is still dealing with the aftermath in his road to recovery. He shared in an interview with Fox 5 DC that the virus first attacked his lungs and has since moved to his kidneys. While his lungs have bounced back, his kidneys “never came back.”

Scarface, whose real name is Brad Jordan, shared that he still is a “little weak” and continues to deal with a loss of taste and smell. He added that he’s “glad to be alive.” In his recovery, Scarface remains on a dialysis machine. The interview saw him open up about the scary scenes that have unfolded over the past few months since contracting the coronavirus. He said if someone asked his kidney specialist if he would’ve survived the beginning, that “she will tell you that I’m supposed to be dead.” He reiterated that the pandemic is “serious” and that it’s unpredictable when and where COVID-19 could strike. Scarface, who is a member of the Geto Boys, noted that if people begin to get too comfortable, “then that very next moment you could lose everything.” When he first announced that had tested positive, Scarface called it the “scariest” thing in his life as he feared for his life.

The coronavirus continues to be an issue across the country as more than 20 states have recently seen some of its highest numbers to date after easing of restrictions. Among those states is Florida, which just set its highest number of positive tests on Tuesday with 2,783 cases, marking the fourth time in less than a week the record was eclipsed. Bars and restaurants saw restrictions lifted and quickly found themselves being hotbeds for COVID-19, with a few already having to close its doors temporarily after cases were reported inside.

Despite the jump in numbers, the Sunshine State remains set on being the grand stage for the return of sports as both the National Basketball Association and Major League Soccer will reconvene in Walt Disney World. The NBA will kick back up on July 7 when players begin to arrive in Lake Buena Vista with games starting at the end of the month. MLS will bring all 26 teams to the House of Mouse for a unique tournament set to begin on July 8.