Prince Harry's Increased Spending Sparked Rift With Prince William, New Book Claims

As royal onlookers yearn to know more about what happened between Prince Harry, his brother Prince William and their wives, a new book that was released on Tuesday may have some answers. Royals at War: The Untold Story of Harry and Meghan's Shocking Split with the House of Windsor, written by investigative journalists Dylan Howard and Andy Tillett, reveal quite a bit in the new read. It discusses anything from Harry's spending habits — which could have caused more rift between him and his family — to his relationship with his sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

Insiders suggest that Harry first started spending more than usual once he left Kensington Palace and after he married Meghan Markle. "Harry's [spending] transformation is revealed as one of the fundamental factors behind the deep fissure that opened between him and his brother, Prince William," the book reads according to the Daily Mail. Harry reportedly spent €2.4 million of taxpayer money to fix up their Frogmore Cottage once he and Markle moved in — however, they have vowed to pay that back following their exit.

The book also alludes to Markle encouraging Harry to spend more on his health and well-being, which includes aromatherapy and massages. The couple also reportedly spent over €478,920 on maternity clothes alone. "The fact that Meghan splashed so much cash rang alarm bells with the traditionally conservative Queen Elizabeth," the authors wrote.

While this may have been the case, there is no shortage in knowing that staff members were seemingly a fan of Markle, with one member saying, "All their IQs put together would not equal hers," when Markle attended a senior Royals meeting. However, the book also suggests that it wasn't that the family didn't like her, they just wanted to protect Harry and slow him down instead of rushing to marriage, considering the two come from such different backgrounds and upbringings.

It discusses how both William and wife Kate Middleton spoke with Harry privately out of concern. "[Kate] gently reminded him that he was dating someone with a completely different life, past, and career, and it would take time, care and attention for them to integrate," it says. However, when the family announced how they felt to him, the book says that Harry essentially may have taken their love and concern the wrong way.


"It's my opinion that Harry feels he couldn't protect his mother," one source stated. "So he's going all out to protect his wife. He is so sensitive he often sees criticism or negativity where there isn't any." The book concludes, "The rifts that eventually opened up in the Royal family after Meghan arrived could have been avoided if Harry was able to empathise and take his brother's concerns in the spirit they were intended."