Olivia Munn Had a Tiny 'Newsroom' Reunion During Aaron Sorkin's Golden Globes Win

The 2021 Golden Globes featured a subtle reunion for The Newsroom, in a way. Eagle-eyed viewers noticed actress Olivia Munn in the background of writer Aaron Sorkin's group at the virtual award show. Munn had a starring role in Sorkin's HBO drama from 2012 to 2014.

Munn was exuberant in the background of Sorkin's video chat screen as he checked in virtually for the Golden Globe Awards due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She smiled and spread her arms wide, but even then many viewers did not notice her because of the small display. However, those who did pointed her out on social media, cluing others in. Soon, fans of The Newsroom were swooning over the reunion.

"I wish they'd bring Newsroom back," one commenter wrote. "I loved that show." Another added: "I miss The Newsroom. I miss Will and his team," while a third added the hashtag "best show ever."

Munn herself congratulated Sorkin in tweets of her own and explained who she was gesturing to. She wrote: "Also, that's when Sorkin thanked his assistant Lauren Lohman, who is a real-life angel."

The Newsroom was a drama about the stars and staff on a TV cable news show, centering around anchor Will McAvoy, played by Jeff Daniels. Munn played one of the other on-camera hosts, Sloan Sabbith, an economist with a segment on the show about finance and economic issues. Her character was brilliant but socially inept and bad at connecting with others.

The Newsroom was considered by many Sorkin's follow-up to The West Wing, as it had strong political messages and a similar pace and tone. However, the show has been criticized for being preachy and melodramatic — especially after its run ended. All three seasons are still streaming on HBO and HBO Max.

This weekend, Sorkin won his Golden Globe for best screenplay for his new movie The Trial of The Chicago 7. It is a historical legal drama about a group of anti-Vietnam War protesters who were charged with conspiracy and inciting a riot over a massive anti-war protest in Chicago.


"I don't always agree with everyting the characters that I write do or say, but here's something Abbie said," Sorkin said during his acceptance speech. "'Democracy is not something you believe in or a place to hang your hat. But it's something you do. You participate. If you stop doing it, democracy crumbles.'"

The Netflix original film has received generally positive reviews, especially for the performances of the main cast Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Sacha Baron Cohen, Daniel Flaherty, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Keaton, Frank Langella, John Carrol Lynch and Eddie Redmayne. It is streaming now on Netflix.