Nick Cannon Steps Away From Radio Show Amid Anti-Semitic Comments

Nick Cannon has decided to step away from his radio show for a while for "reflection and education" following anti-Semitic comments via his YouTube show, Cannon's Class. Cannon said that Black people are the "true Hebrews" and compared White people to "savages." As a result, ViacomCBS issued a statement announcing they would be parting ways with the TV host. Since then, he's tweeted multiple apologies.

"Morning radio family. I have decided to take some time away from my radio show so I can commit myself to deeper, more thorough reflection and education," he wrote in a tweet. Since he was let go from ViacomCBS, he's sent out multiple tweets and posted a statement to Facebook saying he has "no hate in my heart no malice intentions."

In a string of apologies, Cannon took to Twitter: "They reinforced the worst stereotypes of a proud and magnificent people, and I feel ashamed of the uninformed and naive place that these words came from," he wrote, adding that "the video of this interview has since been removed." He then sent out another tweet writing, "I want to express my gratitude to the Rabbis, community leaders and institutions who reached out to me to help enlighten me, instead of chastising me," he said. "I want to assure my Jewish friends, new and old, that this is only the beginning of my education — I am committed to deeper connections, more profound learning and strengthening the band between our two cultures today and every day going forward."

ViacomCBS announced on Tuesday they would be ending their decade-long relationship with The Masked Singer host. They noted while they're in "support" of "ongoing education" the company was "deeply troubled" by Cannon's comments, therefore would be unable to move forward with him. "[...] We are committed to doing better in our response to incidents of anti-Semitism, racism, and bigotry. ViacomCBS will have further announcements on our efforts to combat hate of all kinds," part of their statement read.


While this may be the case, the longtime host will continue his relationship with Fox. Cannon was hired to be the host of The Masked Singer and will continue to do so for the next season.