Miley Cyrus Calls Marriage to Liam Hemsworth a 'Disaster' During Mid-Concert Moment

Miley Cyrus is getting real about her "disaster" of a marriage to ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. The "Midnight Sky" singer opened up about her short-lived nuptials after a fan proposed on stage during her performance while headlining Lollapalooza Brazil over the weekend. While Cyrus celebrated the romantic moment for the couple, she wished them well as only she could 

"Forever b-h, yes! Congratulations!" she cheered. "Honey, I hope your marriage goes better than mine. Mine was a f-king disaster." Cyrus and her Last Song co-star dated on and off for years before tying the knot in a private ceremony in December 2018. Then in 2019, Hemsworth filed for divorce from the Grammy nominee, citing irreconcilable differences.

"We were together since 16," Cyrus explained of their relationship on The Howard Stern Show in 2020. "Our house burned down. We had been like, engaged – I don't know if we really ever thought we were actually going to get married, but when we lost our house in Malibu – which if you listen to my voice pre- and post-fire, they're very different so that trauma really affected my voice."

She continued, "I just clung to what I had left of that house, which was me and him. And I really do and did love him very, very, very much and still do, always will." The Hannah Montana alum continued that there was "too much conflict" in their relationship, noting, "When I come home, I want to be anchored by someone. I don't get off on drama or fighting."

That same year, Cyrus said in an interview with SiriusXM Hits 1 that the pandemic had really opened her eyes to just how "traumatic" the recent years had been for her. "For me, to be able to have a good clear understanding of the last two years, which there was some traumatic experiences, losing the house in Malibu and going through a really public breakup – I think I just really needed some clarity. It was just really important to me to be able to like really sit with my thoughts," she said. "I think one thing that's been really cool about this time that we've all had is, I think originally we all started literally cleaning house. And then once you couldn't do that anymore, you had to go into your own self and start cleaning out what you've been holding onto for too long – things that belong to you, and things that don't, and things that no longer serve you."