Meghan McCain Reveals She Suffered a Miscarriage Day After 'Worst Interview I Ever Did'

Meghan McCain reveals in her new audio memoir Bad Republican that she experienced a miscarriage the day after "the worst interview" she ever did on Late Night With Seth Meyers. During the 2019 segment, Meyers questions The View alum about her associating Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's former tweets about Israel with the Chabad of Poway synagogue shooting in San Diego in April 2019. 

With Meyers pointing out that Omar had already apologized for her tweets at the time McCain used them in her rhetoric and asking everyone involved to be more "careful" about their language, McCain looks flustered during the interview, which she called "a disaster" to Entertainment Tonight. In the memoir, McCain relates the headline-making moment with the bad news she got the following day about her pregnancy. 

"Trying to handle, like, this chaos and huge scandal in my professional life along with this chaos and, you know, intense pain and, you know, just physical pain in my personal life, it was like the closest I've ever come to being, like, I don't know what I want to do anymore because this is all so overwhelming," she told ET. At the time, McCain said she blamed herself for the miscarriage due to the "chaotic experience" she had on the show. 

"I used to argue on television for a living and I thought if maybe I had more of a serene environment or I was a calmer person or I was younger that this wouldn't have happened," she continued. "I know from medical advice from my doctors that it's not true. But women blame themselves for things like that that happen. I just don't want people to feel so alone. I felt really alone throughout the whole thing."

Despite the bad memory of the interview, the daughter of late Sen. John McCain told ET she doesn't want people to "feel sorry" for her and notes she has "no ill will towards anyone, including Seth Meyers." She continued, "I move on and forgive and forget, but I think in this specific situation, I just wanted women to know if they're going through chaos in other elements in their lives when they're going through personal or physical chaos, that it's OK. I've been there and it turned out well, basically. Sometimes it's not."

Following the 2019 interview, McCain's husband Ben Domenech railed against Meyers in a series of  tweets, calling him a "cuck," a "monumental a—hole" and an "untalented piece of s—," later deleting the posts and apologizing for "rage tweeting."