Meghan Markle's Ex-Best Friend Shares Cryptic Acknowledgement to Netflix Show

Meghan Markle's former best friend, Jessica Mulroney, seemingly acknowledged the release of the Duchess of Sussex's Netflix series, Harry & Meghan. Around a month after the docuseries was released, Mulroney posted a cryptic message on Instagram that some believe serves as a comment on the new show, per Sky News. Meghan and Mulroney reportedly had a falling out in 2020 after the latter was accused of exhibiting "textbook white privilege."

On Sunday, Mulroney posted a photo that was taken during Harry and Meghan's wedding reception. In the black and white photo, Mulroney poses with three other guests including Meghan's Suits co-star Abigail Spencer. Not only did she not include a caption for the snap, but she also disabled comments on the post. While it's definitely on the cryptic side, it is interesting to see Mulroney post a throwback photo from her former bestie's wedding amid the ongoing talk surrounding Harry & Meghan

Harry & Meghan was released on Netflix in two parts in December. Even though Meghan and Mulroney aren't on the best of terms right now, the stylist was mentioned in the second episode of the docuseries. In the episode, Meghan could be heard talking to Mulroney over FaceTime shortly before Harry proposed. She told her friend, "Oh my God Jess, it's happening. He told me not peek." Aside from this mention, Mulroney did not have a big part in her former friend's documentary. 

Meghan and Mulroney reportedly became friends after the Duchess of Sussex moved to Canada to film Suits. They were such good friends that Mulroney's three children all had roles in Meghan's wedding. Two years after the wedding, Meghan and Mulroney reportedly had a falling out. It all began when Black influencer Sasha Exeter accused Mulroney of threatening her after she shared a post for the Black Lives Matter movement. According to InStyle, Mulroney allegedly "took offense to a very generic call to action," with Exeter adding, "And what happened next was a series of very problematic behavior and antics that ultimately resulted in her sending me a threat in writing." Mulroney publicly apologized, but Exeter later shared a DM from her in which she alluded to suing her for libel. 

Meghan stayed mum on the scandal. However, Mulroney opened up about the situation with PEOPLE and addressed the status of her friendship with the Duchess of Sussex. She told the outlet, "I'm going to tell this once and for all. Meghan and I are family. She is the kindest friend and has checked up on me everyday."