Meghan Markle Has Old Instagram Photos Dug up by Twitter User

Meghan Markle may not participate on social media like she used to, but remnants of her activity [...]

Meghan Markle may not participate on social media like she used to, but remnants of her activity are still available for the world to see. Photos from Markle's personal Instagram, which she deleted as her relationship with Prince Harry got serious, resurfaced on Twitter over the weekend.

A Twitter user shared four photos from the former Suits actress' Instagram in March, and the tweet started making its rounds on the platform again recently. Photos in the set include one of Markle, 37, sitting in front of the mirror in a towel tousling her hair, one of her on a film set, and one of her enjoying a meal.

Markle doesn't have any personal social media accounts anymore, but she and Prince Harry do have a shared account for updates about their lives, their royal engagements, and other related things. The Sussex Royal Instagram account isn't as active as Markle's private Instagram was, but it is updated on a relatively regular basis.

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(Photo: Instagram/@sussexroyal)

The Duchess of Sussex deleted her personal Instagram page in January 2018, according to Marie Claire. She also shut down her lifestyle blog, The Tig. She spoke briefly about deleting her Internet presence during a royal tour of Australia, according to Daily Mail. A local resident and OneWave surfing community member who spoke with Markle during the trip, said she described deleting the account as "freeing."

"She said a really beautiful quote," the woman, Jessina Oakes, shared. "She said, 'flattery and criticism run through the same filter.' She said it was very freeing that she no longer has social media. And just how great OneWave is making those connections with people and being able to support one another."

In December 2018, Marie Claire reported that Markle's Instagram was briefly reactivated, and fans were royally confused as to why. Some of her former 3 million followers noticed the page was back up, and flocked to it to grab screenshots of photos from the account. Images on the account included selfies, tributes to her blog, and motivational quotes.

Royal reporter Omid Scobie tweeted that Markle was not returning to Instagram. He claimed, in a tweet, that her account was re-activated due to a system glitch.

Although the personal page came and went, the duchess was rumored to have a secret account that she was using until around Christmas 2018. Cosmopolitan reported that Markle used the account to follow friends and keep up with what they were doing. The former actress reportedly reportedly deleted the account due to "vile" comments from trolls. Cosmopolitan noted that the information came from an unnamed, unconfirmed, source and said there appeared to be some holes in the story, however.