Martha Stewart Calls Pete Davidson 'The Son I Never Had' Amid Viral Jokes Over Kim Kardashian Breakup

Martha Stewart is speaking very fondly about Pete Davidson while going viral in a humorous fashion this week. According to E! News, Stewart spoke to The Daily Mail during the opening of The Bedford by Martha Stewart at Paris Las Vegas and had nothing but praise for the SNL star.

"Pete Davidson is like the son I never had," Stewart told the outlet. "He is a charming boy who is finding his way. I've invited him to come on my podcast and I look forward to hearing what he has to say."

The answer is a fun follow-up to a viral meme floating around. A photo of Stewart, Davidson and Kim Kardashian from the White House Correspondents' Dinner sparked the memes joking that the homemaking guru and SNL alum were an item.

"We should've seen this coming," a fan wrote on one of the popular posts that went viral. This was then likely copied and pasted dozens of times before finally landing here, for your entertainment. The 81-year-old is always sparking chatter that she's some sort of thirst trap, so it fits the narrative for Stewart.

Despite the fun, Stewart actually gave the couple the seal of approval before their split, noting that they were "cute together" despite being an "unlikely pairing." Her connection to both goes beyond when they started dating, of course. Davidson and Stewart first met during the 2015 Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber.

In reality, Davidson and Kardashian haven't moved on to other people just yet. Their split after nine months of dating came as a bit of a surprise while also not surprising others who follow the famous family.

According to E! News, sources who are close to the couple said they both have "a lot of love and respect for each other," but the long-distance nature of their relationship became an issue and "made it really difficult to maintain a relationship."

Both seem fine in the aftermath, though, even if Kanye West returned to being aggressive on social media. The former couple seems to have a handle on dealing with that and are keeping busy.