Mandy Moore Sends Ex Wilmer Valderrama a Sweet Message After Birth of Daughter

Wilmer Valderrama and fiancee Amanda Pacheco welcomed their first child, a girl, last week, and the NCIS actor took to Instagram to celebrate the news. "Life is an ever evolving journey," he wrote. "And for all those times when our path needs a light.. often angels are sent to show us the way and that we can be more.. straight out of heaven we welcome our first daughter..."

Valderrama and Pacheco have been together since 2019, announcing their engagement on New Years Day 2020. Once a notorious playboy, Valderrama told Entertainment Tonight in 2019 that he was ready to embrace a more mature phase of life. "In my career, specifically in my personal life, I am very happy where I am at," he explained. "I think that I have grown up to be the man that I am meant to be. I am the most grounded than I've ever been. I'm the most excited and the most energetic about what's ahead of me. I'm ready for the next chapter."

A figure from his more freewheeling past, ex-girlfriend and This Is Us star Mandy Moore, left an encouraging comment on Valderrama's fatherhood post. "Look at that gorgeous angel," the pregnant Moore wrote. "Congrats to and your beautiful family and can't wait to meet her!" Valderrama and Moore dated from 2000 until 2002, and have remained on good terms. The former couple even documents occasional reunions that they have on the Paramount Studios backlots.

Valderrama and Moore haven't always been on such excellent terms. A few years after the breakup, Valderrama claimed to Howard Stern that he took Moore's virginity, saying that "the sex with Mandy was good, but it wasn’t like warm apple pie." At the time, Moore said that Valderrama's comments were "utterly tacky, not even true, and it hurt my feelings because I like him."

Moore once again denied Valderrama's claims in 2018 in her own interview with Stern. "I dated him when I was 16 and 17. No," she said. “I love him and I still love him and he’s a very good friend, and that’s why I was so shocked by it. Because not only was it a fib, but it was so unlike him — it was so uncharacteristic."

"I remember in the moment, he like tried to explain it away that sort of he did get caught up and he maybe insinuated more than actually like outright said it. I was like, 'No, you outright said it,'" she explained. "I was like, 'Why would you ever talk about that to anybody? And lie about it, first of all?'" However, Moore now claims that she's over it. "I mean, this was 2005," she said. "We’re not that close, but we’re friendly... [we] see each other around every now and then. He came to my house a couple of months ago. I had some friends over. He’s a good guy, he really is."