Lisa Marie Presley Reportedly 'Freaked' Over Being Public Focus of 'Elvis' Awards Push

Lisa Marie Presley's death has not been without speculation over her health and well-being in the days before her passing. According to TMZ, her weight loss and other woes reportedly stemmed from her feeling "exposed" in the ramp-up to awards season and the Golden Globes.

Reported sources close to the family tell TMZ that Presley was handling life well under the COVID-19 restrictions. Masking up and staying out of the limelight was easier, especially during a dramatic period of her life. Not only did she have to deal with an ongoing divorce, but Presley was also hit by grief after the death of her son, Benjamin, by suicide in July 2020.

Her 14-year-old twins and the rest of her family helped her through the dark moment, according to TMZ. Still, grief was tough and the pandemic allowed her to stay close to home and out of the spotlight. Then Elvis hit theaters, followed by nominations at the major awards. As TMZ notes, this reportedly hit Presley around 3 months before the Golden Globes.

According to the outlet, Presley realized how much the awards season would center on her, and "it freaked her out." This is where the weight loss came into play, and a desire to look her best for the awards season. As a family source alleges, "Were it not for the Golden Globes, Lisa might be alive today."

TMZ and their sources also alleged that Presley had returned to using opioids again, citing her past battles with narcotics. No cause of death has been revealed yet and toxicology reports are still pending, so these are just allegations at this point.

Still, some thought Presley was off during her interview with Billy Bush on the red carpet, highlighting some of the stress the late singer had been under. Presley would pass away on Jan. 12, 2023, two days after her Golden Globes appearance. Her public memorial service at Graceland came days later, with an emotional slate of famous names and family bidding her well.