Lil Pump Says He's Leaving the US If Donald Trump Isn't Reelected

On Friday, rapper Lil Pump said that if President Donald Trump is not re-elected, he will move out of the United States. Lil Pump made headlines last week for endorsing Trump, claiming that Trump's tax policies were more favorable for him. Many public figures in the rap music community said they would not be upset to see Lil Pump go.

"Yo, no cap... If Trump does not get elected, I'm moving the f— out of here n—," Lil Pump said in an Instagram Story. "I'm going to Colombia, f— it." The rapper was sitting in a car smoking a cigar while wearing a Trump 2020 hat in the video. Lil Pump was born in Miami, Florida, but in a 2018 interview, he said that his parents are both from Colombia.

The video was filmed on Friday, Oct. 30, but it does not seem that anything since then has changed Lil Pump's mind. On Tuesday, Trump brought the rapper up on stage at his final rally but mistakenly referred to him as "Little Pimp." Unbothered by the mix-up, Lil Pump retweeted reactions and memes about the appearance throughout the day.

Lil Pump claims that he is voting for Trump because of former Vice President Joe Biden's tax plan, though he has spread misinformation about it, indicating that he may not fully understand it. Biden's plan would raise taxes only on income earned over $400,000 per year, and even then, only the money over that mark would be taxed differently.

This policy is unlikely to impact many of the voters who are concerned about it. In many cases, even those who earn over $400,000 per year earn it through capital gains, which are taxed differently, and are not eligible for Biden's tax increase. However, according to, the Trump campaign has obscured the particulars of this policy, making voters like Lil Pump believe that it would impact them personally.

Regardless, many users responded to Lil Pump's emigration threat with enthusiasm, hoping he would leave. One person tweeted: "Good. We don't care," while another added: "vote out Trump so we can get rid of him too."


"Bro we forgot you existed, you can leave I promise LMAOOO," another person wrote.

Lil Pump is a controversial figure within the world of hip hop, best-known for one big hit in 2017 called "Gucci Gang." Given Lil Pump's appearance, some rap music fans take issue with his prolific use of the "N" word, arguing that he does not have the background with systemic racism to say it. He has also faced several legal issues involving guns, drugs and driving without a license.