Watch Rapper Lil Pump Get Bitten by Snake During Music Video Shoot

Rapper Lil Pump was merely sitting down and preparing for the next scene in his latest music video when bad luck fell upon him. The scene required Pump to hold a snake according to TMZ and the crew was giving the rapper the slithering animal during the Thursday night shoot.

Everything seemed normal at first until the snake clearly felt threatened and bit Pump right in his hand.

The rapper immediately jumped to his feet and shook the snake free from his hand before making his way to the camera to show the damage.

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"Look at my hand!" the rapper told the camera in the clip posted to his Instagram page. "I just got bit by snake!"

He can also be heard screaming as the snake sunk its fangs into his hand. He also echoed his tone in the video in the caption for the Instagram post.

"I JUST GOT BIT BY A SNAKE WTF," Pump wrote with a snake emoji. "I CAN'T F— W NO SNAKES. I HOPE I DON'T DIE."

Justin Bieber chimed in with a comment after Pump posted the clip, telling the rapper that he "can't f--- with snakes," according to PEOPLE.

The incident earned laughs and jokes from Lil Pump's followers on Instagram and Twitter. Most couldn't help poking some fun at the rapper and downplay any fear that might come from the moment.

"That snake going to get high tonight because that's all lil pump do is get high," one commenter wrote.

"Next time I will bring a cool sweet giant snake, just let me know," another wrote.

"This is my favorite video of all time," a third added.

The reaction on Twitter was a bit more divisive for the rap star.

"Is the snake ok?" one user questioned.

"The poor snake had to listen to his music... I would of bite him also," a second wrote.


"Hold on. Must take picture first and then we rush to hospital. Didn't know these music video snakes are real," a third added.

Lil Pump has become known for his wild videos to this point. 2018 saw Lil Pump team with Kanye West for a video for "I Love It." It showed Pump and West both wearing large box costumes and "Donda" chains. This was only increased for the live performance on Saturday Night LIve in September last year, where West donned a sparkling water costume and Lil Pump put on a large Fiji Water costume.