Larry King Hospitalized Following Blood-Flow Issue

Larry King spent his 87th birthday in the hospital this week, but now he is reportedly feeling much better. Sources close to King told The New York Post he had some blood flow issue that required immediate attention. King is being held through the weekend out of an abundance of caution, but his outlook is positive.

King's condition improved quickly, to the point where his doctors said he might be released on Friday at first. However, they opted to hold him for two more nights for observation at the last minute, though King is not worried about his condition worsening at that time. The legendary TV host has had many medical ailments over the years, but each time he has bounced back in good health. From the looks of it, this time will be no different.

A source close to King previously told The Post's Page Six: "Larry has been in the hospital with heart issues and other things." That news came on Thursday, Nov. 26, though the source revealed that King had been hospitalized since his birthday, Nov. 19. King turned 87 years old last Thursday and marked the milestone in the hospital.

King's health has been a concern before, going back at least as far as 1987. At the time, he suffered a serious heart attack and then had a successful quintuple-bypass surgery, according to a report by The Sun-Sentinel titled "The Nine Lives of Larry King." Since that heart attack, King has become a huge proponent of heart health and has written two books on living with heart disease.

King had regular chest x-rays from then on to monitor his heart disease, and in 2017, these tests found a cancerous tumor in his lung. Surgeons successfully removed the tumor, and King has not had any more cancer scares since then. However, his health concerns have continued in recent years.


In 2019, King had an angioplasty and had stents inserted. He took about four months off to recover before returning to the airwaves. A few months later, King revealed that just before the surgery, he had actually suffered a stroke, which put him in a coma "for weeks." Again, he was blunt and vulnerable when publicly discussing these issues, admitting that he contemplated suicide after the stroke. "I thought I was just going to bite the bullet. I didn't want to live this way," he told Los Angeles TV station KTLA.

Thankfully, King survived and overcame the depression as well. King continues to appear on TV, on social media, and in podcasts today. For more up-to-the-minute news, stay tuned to for the latest!