Larry King Secretly Suffered a Stroke Earlier in 2019

Larry King revealed he suffered a stroke earlier this year in a new interview, but he is doing [...]

Larry King revealed he suffered a stroke earlier this year in a new interview, but he is doing much better now. The beloved former television host spoke out in a new interview for the firs time since confirming he almost died in March after the previously unreported health scare. He also went through a tumultuous divorce in August that dominated headlines at the time. His estranged wife Shawn even said at the time she would not fight the divorce filing, calling King a "dying man."

The broadcaster spoke with Page Six as he prepares to celebrate his 86th birthday, saying "Everything that's happened to me, I'm grateful for. Maybe that sounds cliché, but I'm really, really grateful. I'm happy."

During the interview, King revealed the stroke with the publication also sharing photos of the television legend in a wheelchair.

"I had what they call a slight stroke in March. Everything is back to normal, except my left foot. I can't walk on my left foot, so I'm walking with a walker," he told the outlet. "It's making me feel old.

"But at least it helps me get around. Another thing I can't stand is having people do things for me. I was always someone who did things for themselves," he added.

"They thought I was going to die in March," he revealed. They told my two boys to come home. It was really touch-and-go.

"I don't remember any of it, because I was out during the whole time. I had a sepsis infection, I had a new stent put on the heart. It's been amazing – everyone tells me they can't believe I made it through."

Months later, King said he is feeling strong and working with a physical therapist.

"I just want to walk," he told the outlet. "They say that's coming, the more I exercise. I might have a slight limp. But I'll take it."

King is also back at work. He told the outlet he's been working three or four days a week on his Emmy-nominated show, Larry King Now and Politicking with Larry King.

"I don't know what I could achieve. My achievements have exceeded my dreams. I never thought I'd have all these things happen to me." He said of the next chapter in his life. "I have a career – 62 years. Oh, come on! That's impossible to me."

"I never thought I'd be 86," King added, "My father died when he was 43, 44. I thought I would die too."