'Cory in the House' Star Kyle Massey Wanted for Arrest

Kyle Massey, who played Cory Baxter in the Disney Channel shows That's So Raven and Cory in the [...]

Kyle Massey, who played Cory Baxter in the Disney Channel shows That's So Raven and Cory in the House, is now facing an arrest warrant after he missed a court date in Washington state. He was set to be arraigned in his immoral communication with a minor case on Monday, but he missed the hearing. A King County judge signed a $100,000 warrant for his arrest, TMZ reports.

Massey's arraignment was first set for late June, but he missed that date and it was rescheduled to today. Prosecutors said the former child star never arrived for the hearing. The actor's lawyer, Lee Hutton, told TMZ they called the King County District Attorney's office several times, but they have not received a response. Massey has also not been served, Hutton said. Massey's legal team is now "concerned with the misrepresentations made in court," Hutton told TMZ. "Indeed, we will move forward to defend these allegations but also determine why due process has not been followed."

The 29-year-old Massey, who competed on Dancing with the Stars in 2010, is facing one count of communication with a minor for illegal purposes. Prosecutors accused him of sending pornographic material to a 13-year-old girl between December 2018 and January 2019. The accuser also filed a civil lawsuit in March 2019, seeking $1.9 million in damages. The accuser claimed Massey sent "numerous sexually explicit text messages, images, and videos" via Snapchat, allegations that Massey denied. After the civil lawsuit stalled in court, the accuser and her family took the allegations to the sheriff's office, leading to Massey being charged in June.

After the charges were announced, Hutton told Page Six the original lawsuit was "extortive" and Massey denied the allegations. "It is unfortunate that Kyle Massey had to learn through the media yesterday that the 2019 allegations have resurfaced in the State of Washington a year after their dismissal," Hutton said on July 1. "Massey claims that the allegations then and now are extortive." Massey will "aggressively defend these accusations again and will seek civil damages from those that refuse to hear the facts," Hutton added. "We plan to seek an early dismissal — finally putting these extortive attempts to rest."

Massey starred as Cory Baxter on That's So Raven from 2003 until 2007, when he got his own short-lived spinoff, Corey in the House. He was not involved in the revival Raven's Home, which debuted in 2017. Last year, Massey was cast in Millennials, a sitcom for the ALLBLK streaming platform. After he was criminally charged, the vaping company Dr. Dabbler cut ties with Massey, who later deleted all references to the company from his Instagram page.