Kellyanne Conway's Husband George Enlists Sam Elliott for New Joe Biden Campaign Ad

Kellyanne Conway's husband George has enlisted actor Sam Elliott for another new Joe Biden campaign ad. The video was share by The Lincoln Project, an organization of anti-Trump conservative Republicans who support Biden for president. The new clip comes after a previous Biden ad that Elliott narrated, wherein her endorsed the candidate.

The new clip is focused on the relationship between fathers and sons, with a montage of men and their boys spending time together playing while Elliott delivers remarks in that iconic voice of his. "Our dads weren't perfect, but they did their best to raise us to be good, to be honorable, to be men of family and faith, but above all, they taught us to own up to it when we did something wrong." After Elliott finishes speaking here, a past news clip of Donald Trump plays. In it, he is heard saying that he does "not take responsibility" for the way the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the United States.

The clip then finds Elliott speaking directly to past Trump Voters. "We may have thought we were doing the right thing in 2016, but it's clear this isn't the America we voted for," he says. "WE made a mistake. So, it's time to own up, to be the men our dads raised us to be, and the fathers our sons need us to be, because they're watching us, the way we watched our dad. It's our turn to set the example." In conclusion, Elliott encourages citizens to vote for "change" and "our sons" by voting for Biden.

This video could possibly been seen as a response to the criticism that pro-Trump Republicans have had for Biden over his son Hunter's substance abuse issues. There have also been unfounded accusations regarding Hunter having illegal business dealings in the Ukrainian. Some have argued that emails Hunter sent possibly incriminate his father, but this has not been proved. Additionally, a photo of the two flashes at the end of the new ad.


In his first Biden ad, Elliott spoke highly of the former Vice President, and said, "Joe Biden doesn't need everyone in this country to always agree. Just to agree we all love this country, and go from there." That ad was met with a lot of surprise, as many presumed Elliott to be a Republican. This is most likely due to him starring as a staunch conservative rancher in Netflix's The Ranch, though it is possible that he is simply a pro-Biden Republican.