Katy Perry Steps Back in Time With Hairstyle During Night out With Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry went out for a glamorous date with her fiancé Orlando Bloom this weekend, and her haristyle had fans reminiscing. The 36-year-old singer sported long black locks in photos published by E! News, looking remarkably like her past self in from the early 2000s. fans are speculating about whether this was real hair or extensions, and what may have inspired Perry to unveil this blast from the past.

Perry wore her new hairstyle to the Academy Museum Of Motion Pictures' opening gala in Los Angeles on Saturday, Sept. 25. Her straight black hair with side-swept bangs matched the color and sheen of her leather dress, which fell down below her knees and included orange pocket accents. She stood just about even with Bloom in her black stiletto sandals, while Bloom wore a black tuxedo. Perry has had platinum blonde hair for a while now, so it is not clear if this is a dye job or something else.

(Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Left to its own devices, Perry's hair reportedly has a natural dirty blonde color, however, some of her earliest appearances in the public eye came with this jet black hair color. She rose to fame in 2008 with the single "I Kissed a Girl," and she hardly changed her hairstyle until 2011.

It was then that Perry began experimenting with a number of colors in quick succession while chopping off inches at a time in length. She went strawberry blonde, then pink briefly, then honey blond cut to shoulder length. She even tried out a bright blue for a while, while occasionally coming back to black when the mood suited her.

Perry went for a pixie cut in 2017, dying her hair platinum blond at the same time. That has been her go-to look for years now, from live performances to her work on reality TV. At this point, a new hairstyle from Perry is enough to make fans hopeful that new music or some other big release could be on the way. If so, Perry has not given any clear hints about what that might be.

Perry's latest release is the 2020 album Smile, which was generally well-received when it came out last summer. She is also still working as a judge on American Idol on ABC, and she is starting a Las Vegas residency in December of 2021. If she has anything else planned, she has yet to make a public announcement.