Katy Perry Had to Apologize to Orlando Bloom and Kim Kardashian Over This TikTok

Perhaps Pete Davidson just doesn't appeal to Katy Perry. Perry couldn't help but wince while playing with a popular filter on TikTok after the Saturday Night Live alum was randomly selected to be her "Lover." 

The MASH filter is meant to be fun and a modern take on the original childhood paper-and-pencil game, which predicted aspects of your adult life such as your future home, spouse, career, and number of children. The comments section was flooded with humorous reactions, and Perry apologized in her caption. "No offense Kim Kardashian (and Orlando?)," she wrote along with a shrug emoji. Davidson is currently in Australia filming Wizards! with Perry's boyfriend, Orlando Bloom. Perry was left shaken when she drew number six in MASH for "how many kids you'll have."


No offense @Kim Kardashian (and Orlando? 🤷🏻‍♀️)

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Despite this, a source recently told ET that Perry and Bloom are "very in love and would love to expand their family."Katy and Orlando are doing really well and amazing. Their relationship is very strong and they have parenting down. They also have figured out how to balance their busy schedules, but also make time for each other," the source said, explaining that the 37-year-old singer "is obsessed with being a mom."Perry and Bloom became engaged in 2019 and welcomed daughter Daisy Dove the following year. 

In April, the "Firework" singer, 37, told E! News that she wasn't thinking about baby number two while working on her Las Vegas Play residency."I'm in Vegas, and I can't do that show with anything in my belly," the Idol judge joked, "Especially a human." Perry's Vegas residency began in December 2021 and will end in October 2022.

While the American Idol judge is entertaining crowds on the Las Vegas Strip, Perry said she was enjoying every moment of motherhood."She's running, she says 'I love you,' she colors [and] she's got pigtails," she shared, describing a precious moment she had with her daughter while on vacation in Hawaii. "[Daisy] saw Mickey, and she thought Mickey was a cow, so she mooed at Mickey. She went, 'Moo, moo.'" 

Although the young girl is Perry's first child, Bloom and Miranda Kerr share an 11-year-old son, Flynn. The pop star told Audacity earlier this year that becoming a mother had been one of the best experiences of her life, and she has encouraged her friends to do the same.

"All of my friends that are my peers in the music world, I'm a mom pusher...don't just be career-focused for the rest of your life. This is a beautiful gift. It just opens and expands your heart in such incredible ways when you have your own children."