Kate Middleton Reportedly Wants Her Own 'Tell-All' Following Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Netflix Doc

Kate Middleton might be following in Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's footsteps. According to InTouch Weekly, Kate apparently wants to do a tell-all documentary of her own. The report comes on the heels of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's own docuseries, the aptly titled Harry & Meghan, being released on Netflix

A source alleged that Kate has "ammunition" that "could potentially destroy Meghan." They added that she "has a stack of receipts, which she accumulated over the years." On the other hand, Kate's husband, Prince William, isn't as interested in going the docuseries route. He reportedly "warned" his wife to "think twice" before giving the potential "green light" to an interview. Even though Kate allegedly wants a docuseries of her own, the royal family is reportedly "livid" at Harry and Meghan for going forward with their own. One source even claimed that it was the "final nail in the coffin" for the pair's relationship with the rest of the royal family. 

The first three episodes of Harry & Meghan dropped on Thursday via Netflix. The next three episodes will follow a week later on Thursday, Dec. 15. Their docuseries features an unfiltered look into the lives of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Of course, in the lead-up to the documentary show, there has been much discussion about what this means regarding the pair's relationship with the British royal family. Ever since their highly publicized exit as full-time members of the royal family, there have been reports of a feud. So, some have been wondering why Harry and Meghan even decided to make this docuseries in the first place. But, the former Suits star explained why she and her husband wanted to share their story on their own terms. 

"I'm not going to say that it's comfortable," Meghan said about making the series. "But when you feel like people haven't gotten any sense of who you are for so long, it's really nice to just be able to have the opportunity to let people have a bit more of a glimpse into what's happened and also who we are." Harry had something similar to say, as he explained that it's about telling the "full truth" of the matter. He explained, "This isn't just about our story. This has always been so much bigger than us. No one knows the full truth. We know the full truth. The institution knows the full truth and the media knows the full truth because they've been in on it."