Kanye West Shares Bizarre Video With Dave Chappelle, Thanks Him for 'Hopping on a Jet' to See Him

Kanye West continues to engage in some rather bizarre behavior on social media. On Tuesday, West posted a video of himself and Dave Chappelle, whom he said flew to see him. In the video, the rapper continuously asked Chappelle to "lift our spirits" by telling them a joke even though the comedian did not appear ready to do so.

West appeared to put Chappelle on the spot in the video, asking him to share a joke so that he and his friends could "smile." While the comedian said that he didn't have any jokes at the ready, West continued to urge him to perform in the video. Ultimately, Chappelle did make everyone laugh after he said that he typically doesn't share "uplifting" quips. Shortly after the group got some laughs in, they then went on their separate ways. At the end of the clip, West gave Chappelle a hug and thanked him for coming to check on him.

West's post came shortly after he went on a tweeting spree directed toward his wife, Kim Kardashian, and his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner. He penned several inflammatory tweets about Kardashian and Jenner, claiming that they tried to get him "locked up." He claimed that Kardashian sought out the help of a doctor in order to have him locked away. West then went on to write that if he was "locked up like [Nelson] Mandela," then the world would know why. He also included a screenshot of a text message that he sent to Jenner in which he asked her whether she was ready to talk about everything. The rapper ended his series of tweets by writing that he was going to "focus on the music now."

It's unclear exactly what sparked this latest series of tweets. They did come amid West's campaign for the President of the United States. After announcing that he was running in early July, he held his first campaign rally in South Carolina on Sunday. During the rally, he not only made outrageous claims about Harriet Tubman, but he also shared that he and Kardashian considered abortion when they first found out that they were expecting their first child together. As of right now, West has yet to tweet anything further about Kardashian and Jenner.