Justin Bieber's Grandmother Allegedly Involved in Serious Car Wreck

Justin Bieber's family may be on edge following a serious car accident on Sunday that involved his grandmother. The news apparently spread starting with a public Facebook community page for classic car enthusiasts in Bieber's hometown back in Ontario, Canada. So far, Bieber has not commented publicly on the crash.

The Facebook page is specific to Stratford, Ontario where Bieber's family is from and where many of them remain. Someone there posted a photo of a fiery crash that involved a vintage red sports car. The poster asked if anyone could identify the car and its owner, and before long it was traced back to Kathy Bieber. According to a report by TMZ, most of the explanatory comments came from a user named Brandan Steven, who seems to be another distant relation of Bieber.

"We were at a dead stop as a car was turning left a couple of cars in front of us. Then a distracted driver rear-ended us they say she had to be doing 70," Steven wrote on Facebook. "Wasn't good had to pull my grandmother out of car. could have been very bad if we were in there for even another 5 seconds as the doors were binded shut."

TMZ reportedly reached out to Steven, Kathy and other family members for further comments, but so far none have responded. Bieber himself grew up in Statford and remained there even in the first few years of his global fame. Even today he owns a large home in Ontario right beside a scenic lake, but he seems to spend more time at his home in Beverly Hills, California.

Bieber told Rolling Stone in 2011 that he wasn't interested in gaining American citizenship, and he remained in the U.S. on an O-1 work visa. However, he began the citizenship process in 2018 when he married Hailey Baldwin.


It's not clear how strong Bieber's connections to Kathy and his other Stratford family members are. He has not been photographed with Kathy for some time now. She is technically Bieber's step-grandmother, having married his biological grandfather George. Bieber's relationship with his father, Jeremy, has not always been clear to the general public, but they seem to have been on good terms since at least 2014.

These days, fans are mostly concerned with Bieber's own health. He was recently diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, leaving half of his face paralyzed. This forced Bieber to cancel several concerts and public appearances. It still isn't clear how long it will take him to recover.