Julie Chrisley Reveals 'Chore' of Making Thanksgiving Casserole in Prison

Julie revealed that she and some of her fellow inmates cooked several dishes around the holidays.

Julie Chrisley might be spending time behind bars, but that doesn't mean she's not making the best of her situation. Recently, Julie's daughter Savannah shared that the former Chrisley Knows Best star went through the "chore" of making up a casserole for some of her fellow inmates during Thanksgiving.

During a recent episode of her Unlocked podcast, Savannah read a letter from her mom, who shared the holiday story. "I decided to cook for Thanksgiving," Julie wrote. "I fought against it but I decided to do it. There was about 10 of us who cooked together. I made chicken and stuffing casseroles. There was chips and dip. Several ladies made dessert. It doesn't sound like much, but cooking anything in here is a chore."

"Cooking is done on radiators in the winter and with hot water and a small Rubbermaid orange cooler in the summer," Julie's letter continued. "There's no refrigerator, no knives, of course, no staples other than a few spices from commissary. We made the best of it though and just sitting around a table was nice."

"There really are some great women in here," the letter concluded. "We are all so different, however prison unites you in a way. I made it through another holiday. Christmas is next and I'm not looking forward to it."

In November 2022, Julie and her husband Todd were sentenced to serve prison time after their bank fraud and tax evasion convictions. Todd was sentenced to 12 years behind bars while Julie will serve seven years. Both will also be expected to serve 16 months of probation.

Two months after their convictions, the pair each reported to prison to serve their respective sentences. Todd reported to FPC Pensacola in Florida, a minimum security prison camp, while Julie is being held at the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky. Both had filed appeals for their sentences but were initially denied. However, Savannah has revealed that the "appeals court has granted our oral arguments," which will begin in the spring.