Jonathan Majors Suffers Major Career Setback Amid Domestic Violence Case

Jonathan Majors has been dropped by his talent manager, and fans are assuming it is related to his recent arrest for domestic violence charges in New York City. Majors was represented by Entertainment 360, but on Monday night sources told Deadline that the agency was dropping him. They said that it was due to "issues surrounding the actor's personal behavior."

Majors has had a meteoric rise to stardom over the last few years from Lovecraft Country to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now Creed III. Along the way, some contradictory impressions of his personality have reached the public eye, but many fans grew wary of him last month when he was arrested for allegedly hitting and choking his girlfriend. At the time, the public relations firm The Lede Company also dropped Majors, and now his management has followed suit. Neither company has given additional comments on these decisions.

Majors also dropped out of the Met Gala at the last minute. He was reportedly on the guest list for the fashion house Valentino, but he and the company "mutually agreed" that he should not attend. All these upheavals in his career have fans wondering if there is more to Majors' case that they have not read about in the news yet.

Majors was arrested on March 25. A 30-year-old woman called the police at the time with "minor injuries to her head and neck." At the time, the police said that she had accused Majors of attacking her, but a few days later Majors' attorney Priya Chaudhry released a text message conversation where the woman seemed to take responsibility for the fight.

"Please let me know you're okay when you get this," she wrote to Majors. "They assured me that you won't be charged. They said they had to arrest you as protocol when they saw the injuries on me and they knew we had a fight. I'm so angry that they did. And I'm sorry you're in this position. Will make sure nothing happens about this. I told them it was my fault for trying to grab your phone. I only just got out of hospital. Just call me when you're out. I love you."

Chaudhry said that there would be more evidence, including "video footage from the vehicle where this episode took place, witness testimony from the driver and others who both saw and heard the episode and most importantly, two written statements from the woman recanting these allegations." She expects the charges to be dropped altogether when as soon as the legal process allows.

Still, at least some damage to Majors' reputation is already done. Many fans are dubious of the text messages Chaudhry released, believing they still do not make the actor look "innocent." Majors has already filmed Loki Season 2 for Disney+, but other than that he has no upcoming projects due out for a while. The actor will presumably continue to avoid the public eye.