Jake Paul Stirs Controversy With TikTok Accusing Rival of Rampant Cheating

Jake Paul is stirring up more beef with his rival, Austin McBroom. Amid their months-long feud, the YouTube star and recent boxing sensation took to TikTok with his latest dig at McBroom, accusing his fellow YouTube star of cheating on his wife, Catherine Paiz, "every weekend."

The video came in response to a June 4 TikTok video that showed McBroom walking alongside Paul's upcoming boxing opponent, UFC Champion Tyron Woodley, with McBroom saying, "Jakey, you're in trouble, my man!" Paul was quick to hit back later that day with his own video, a seconds-long TikTok video that has since been deleted. In the clip, the 24-year-old YouTube star and self-proclaimed "Problem Child" laughed, "Oh, Austin! He switched up on me. He's with my opponent" and questioned, "I'm in trouble, Austin?" He then went on to raise the allegations against McBroom.

"Does your wife know that you cheat on her every weekend? Does she know that you message every single girl on Instagram trying to get in their pants?" he asked. "Oh, do I have way too much tea on you and your little family! Zip it up, bubba."

At this time, neither McBroom nor Paiz seem to have addressed the accusations. The back-to-back videos marked just the latest example of the two YouTube stars' feud, which was originally sparked in November when McBroom announced he too would step into the ring as a "professional" boxer. Announcing the new venture, McBroom called out Paul, also an amateur fighter, stating that he had been "running from [him] for years." In response, Paul called McBroom "weak AF" and said he "would be more worried about your wife in my DMs," seemingly alluding to unfaithfulness in the relationship. He also shared a screenshot of what appeared to be a message Paiz sent to him and asked fans whether he should "post the receipts" of his interactions with Paiz. Paul also said that "people shouldn't call me out because I know too much about everyone."


Paul and McBroom are just the latest YouTubers-turned-boxers. The 24-year-old, who has faced a number of his own accusations and controversies, recently signed a multi-fight deal with Showtime. His upcoming match with Woodley will be his fourth professional fight. His most recent match was against Ben Askren in April, which he won via TKO, and the YouTuber has yet to lose a match.