Jake Paul Accused of Sexual Assault by TikTok Star Justine Paradise

YouTube star Jake Paul is facing accusations of sexual assault. In a 20-minute YouTube video shared Friday, TikTok star Justine Paradise alleged Paul forced her to perform oral sex on him at his Team 10 house in California in July of 2019. Paradise explained that she chose to come forward with her story now because she signed a non-disclosure agreement and believed she "wasn't allowed to talk" about the alleged incident and she hopes Paul "realizes what he did and doesn't do it again."

In the video, titled "Triggered: Jake Paul Sexually Assaulted Me," Paradise, who has more than 524,000 followers on TikTok, said that after first meeting Paul in June 2019 through a mutual friend, they exchanged numbers and began hanging out with one another at his Team 10 house, where he lives with several friends. During one of her visits to the home in July, Paradise said Paul "pulled me into this little corner area in the studio and started kissing me." Although Paradise "was fine with that. I did think he was cute," things escalated and she began to feel uncomfortable once Paul led her to his bedroom, where he eventually "took it to his bed" and put his hands on places she did not want. According to Paradise, when she attempted to move his hands away, Paul, who was on top of her, said, "If nothing's going to happen, what's the point?"

"Sex is very special and very important to me. Normally, everybody respects me when I don't want to do sexual things, so I thought that it was fine if I went in his room," Paradise said. "I thought it would be fine to kiss him, because I thought he would stop if I didn't want to do anything else."

However, Paradise alleged Paul forced her to perform oral sex and continued to touch her in "places" despite her repeatedly saying "no." Paradise said she "couldn't tell him to stop. He just shoved himself in me, he didn't ask for consent or anything. That's not OK. On no level at all is that OK."

After the alleged incident, Paradise said Paul began acting cold towards her, did not apologize, and stopped responding to her text messages. She said she "would have liked to have an apology because that was messed up, and I didn't want that." The TikTok star, who said she had signed a non-disclosure agreement prior to entering Paul's house and wasn't sure if she could talk about the incident until now, explained that she chose to share her story hoping that Paul would realize he "needs to ask people for consent," adding that she had "thought about this literally every single day since it happened. The more and more I think about it, the more I realize, no one can be doing that and think that it's something right to do."


At this time, Paul has not responded to the allegations. Several outlets, including PEOPLE and the BBC, have contacted his representatives for comment but have not yet heard back. Paul, meanwhile, has continued to be active on social media.