Halsey Snaps Unbuttoned Selfie to Show off Her Shaved Head

Halsey is enjoying life to the fullest right now. Riding the high off arguably her most successful year in her career thanks to a super successful third studio album, Manic, which included some of her more popular singles to date, Halsey has also been crushing her Instagram game.

Recently revealing that she had shaved her head, one of the New Jersey-born singer's most recent posts sees her showing off an unbuttoned top, "Thought my hair looked good here." This comes after she showed off her ballot, urging her followers to get out and vote while backing President-elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Prior to that, Halsey won over Instagram with her Halloween photos, which included her impressive Corpse Bride costume.

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While the 26-year-old has been all over the headlines this year, she's hoping to capitalize on another new project as she ventures into the publishing world. She will be releasing "I Would Leave Me If I Could," which will be her first book to her credit. This will show off her poetic skills as she takes readers through her journey in only a way she could. The songwriter has been anxiously awaiting the release on Nov. 10. In an interview with Vogue, she said writing this book was no different than what she used to do on Tumblr, "I used to write poetry and post it on my blog every day." The book is currently available for preorder ahead of its release. News of her poetry collection being published was first revealed in June by the singer herself, who in her Instagram post, couldn't find the words to express just how excited she was for its debut, "I wrote a few thousand sentences but am somehow struggling to string together a single one to summarize how excited I am about this."

As she continues to branch herself out, Halsey's next medium she's looking to succeed in will be on the screen. Earlier in the year, Halsey was revealed to be starring in The Player's Table, which is based on the novel The Wish They Were Us. She also will serve as a producer for the show, which has yet to be picked up by any network or streaming service yet. Sydney Sweeney, a friend of Halsey's and known for her role in Euphoria, will also star in the series. Halsey originally had Sweeney appear in her 2019 video for "Graveyard."